Friday, November 12, 2010

Half day Fridays!!

I'm thankful that on Fridays I get to go home (or rather leave work) at 1.30pm. I cherish these few hours off because, other than holidays, it's the perfect time to do things I can only do on week days, that otherwise I would not have a chance to do. Usually I find myself getting home later than I do on other days, but with what I would have accomplished in comparison (personal matters, not work), it's okay. Today I don't have lots of plans though, just going home and playing with my son since he's not at school today.


  1. Enjoy your time! John's home from school today because he's got a horrible nasty cold and I don't think the school has enough Kleenex to keep up with his nose. Poor kid. I decided last night and called his bus company and classroom voice mail ... good thing, too, since he woke up at 4am more miserable than ever!

  2. Ohhhh, poor John, hope he's much better now. My son has a bit of rash that disappeared overnight, but I was just being cautious in case it was something he could pass on to others.