Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The rainy season is here

I'm thankful for the rain that has come to relieve us of the heat that had descended so unrelentingly upon us. If it just keeps on raining while we sleep or don't need to be out-doors then I'm all for it. Woza malam'lela! Pula!


  1. I think it's pretty funny ... I curse every time it rains here right now because it's a cold dreadful rain that chills straight to the bone! I would actually much rather it snow already. Snow you can shake off and it looks pretty. With rain you just stay wet and dreary!

  2. Complete opposites! Here it rains during the hot season, winters are dry, and really not that cold at all compared with Upstate NY! I love snow, but to go through those long cold winters --- rather you than me :(