Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Inside information

I'm thankful to be privy to news that has me sooo excited before the general population knows! The next Gaborone Marathon will be in April next year, so I get to have a head start in my training --- because I want to run at least the 4 or 5K, whichever one they do. I'm so excited for it.

Yep, that means I got a jolt to get off of my tush and start the C25K. I soooo want to run the 5K next year. This year I walked with my son in the stroller, and it was hard. But next year I'm determined to run. So, I'm going back to the gym immediately following my birthday and hitting the treadmill. It is the oddest thing that I can go to gym just to hop on the treadmill, yet I have one of my own, and a pretty good one too. Somehow I just can't summon the motivation to use it anymore. In the past few weeks I've considered loaning it to my mom, because what's the point of having it occupying valuable space while she could make good use of it? Think I'll have to think that through again because I may just want to use it at times when I can't make gym.

Ohhh, please please let this training for the marathon finally be my ticket to getting serious and making some progress... I am going to ride it as much as possible, and God knows I'm soo ready for some progress.

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