Thursday, June 24, 2010


I seem to be staying away from the blog a lot lately, busy busy busy. Things are kind of tight here at work and before I know it the day is over and I still haev lots to do. Then I have to rush home because it's late, and sometimes I even forget that I wanted to blog until I'm half-way to the house.

Anyway, still hanging in there. I could say things are better than last week, though I had an episode with chocolate last night. Ugh. I bought a bar of chocolate for my sister and she was going to give me a couple of pieces, but I ended up getting to it before she did and I ate half of it before I 'instructed' her to take the rest before I finish the whole thing. I just couldn't stop myself taking piece after piece. Big reason why I can't have any in the house and why future purchases, if ever, should be strictly snack-size!

I haven't been on the treadmill yet. I know it's getting old, or rather, it's a fossil now, but I'm really stressed right now. Not having a maid is really tough on me, and now my sister has found a job, meaning I now have to ferry my son half-way across town to stay at my aunt's place during the day tomorrow, and then I have to go back and pick him up after work. I do not even know how that will happen because I struggle to get to work on time, and now having to go all the way and back and make it on time... Anyway, such is life and I just have to deal. At least the new maid is starting on Sunday.

I have to run now because I haev my sister and my son waiting in the car. Hope everyone's doing better than I am. How are you doing?

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