Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Slimmin'

Good timing! I've recently relaunched a 'lifestyle change' and am actually still in the process of 'expanding' - I plan to start working out at Curves next week (or the week after depending on how settled we are at the new place). So finding this challenge that starts next week is excellent. I just had to grab this chance.

I've joined the Summer Slimmin' Challenge', go check it out AND JOIN! It starts June 6th and ends on August 6th (only 2 months).

Ok, I know it's not summer here, we're just beginning winter, but tell me this, what is the best time to embark on a slimming mission so that when summer comes you're all ready and feeling great? You got that right, winter. So, yes, summer slimmin' -  in winter - for summer!

Over at the right there's a 'Taking Part in Summer Slimmin' badge. I had to choose this one because it is a summation of all the others. I want to take on all of those goals and rock them!

Goal #1
I intend to stay on my food plan ala Weigh-Less, hence there's no question that all my meals must be prepared by myself at home - ok, that also includes mixing yogurt with cereal.

Goal # 2
My plan consists of a large variety of fruits and vegetables, all in large quantities too, so another one fo my goals is to ensure my 5+ a day is covered.

Goal # 3
I like to move it move it. I do. Or maybe I like how it makes me feel. And of course the benefits. I'm joining Curves and aim to work out at least 3 times there and at least twice on the treadmill at home each week.

Goal #4
I already drink a lot of water, but everyone knows that the colder it gets the less water one's interested in. So, another goal is to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day everyday, through the duration of the challenge.

Goal # 5
I will log each and everything that passes through my lips, on plan or off plan. And I will log all formal exercise, and some informal that I feel counts, e.g. long walks at the mall.

I'm not setting a goal for weight loss. It will be the sweet end result of all my effort with the goals above! I'm already excited to see how many lbs/kgs I'll have lost at the end of it all.

Come on and join and reap the benefits!


  1. Good luck with your goals! I hope this summer treats you well!

  2. Awesome post! We're hoping to get more people as time goes on and the word gets out, but beven if it only ends up being a smaller group we'll definitely support you.

    You'll look awesome for summer!

  3. I know that logging and exercising daily are gonna be the toughies for me. I easily eat my veggies and fruits. I have a harder time with water, but not impossibly so. I have been getting back in the food tracking habit in the past week+, so I started early on that one. But I only exercise 2x a week, and to get it up to 6x is gonna be super duper tough as I hate to sweat, period.

    Welcome to the challenge, and let's all get healthier and slimmer!