Monday, June 7, 2010

What a weekend!

Weigh in
First things first - today was weigh-in number 2 since I began the Weigh-Less programme. Here are the numbers:
 Start (23 May '10): 255.8 (edited to correct start weight)
Last weigh-in (31 May '10): 249.8
Today's weigh in (7 June '10): 248.2
This week's loss: 1.6lbs
Total lost: 7.6 lbs

I have lost 7.6 lbs in 2 weeks! I'm very happy about my progress so far and know that I just have to keep at this and it will all add up.

This weekend
I took Friday off of work because we were moving. What a weekend that turned into! We packed most of the stuff and had the truck people move it on Friday afternoon (evening actually because they left at 9pm after struggling to get my large couch and treadmill in through the doorway - that will teach me not to buy oversized stuff in the future). We spent the Sat and Sun getting whatever else was left the old house and cleaning and trying to arrange everything properly. But even right now as I type this there's stuff everywhere in the new place and I am tired. I have no idea how long it will take till everything is where it needs to be. Can't wait till I can finally just chill.

Summer Slimmin Challenge
The challenge began yesterday and I'm on track with everything. I didn't do any 'formal' exercise, but I'm logging all the lifting and pushing and shoving as my exercise. I haven't made up my mind about Curves yet, so it's the treadmill or the side or the road till I decide. And oh, I've been thinking about taking pictures and kept forgetting since I started Weigh-Less, but Felipa's Summer Challenge post reminded me, so I'm on it as soon as I get home. Thanks Felipa!

Other than the above updates, we are ok. My son seems to be fine with the new place so far. What I especially love about it is that it's so close to work. BUT, it's put us further away from my mom's than ever before. Which is bad, ut also good because I usually find it hard to restrain myself at my mom's house, so now I know it's even easier to stay on plan!


  1. What a great 2 week total!!! I think the only time I've managed that I gave birth ;)
    Hope the unpacking/organizing/whatnot goes quickly and smoothly for you!

  2. Yay, a loss!!! Every loss is worth celebrating, and 7+ pounds for sure!

    I think Curves is offering free Tuesdays (for a certain number, forget how many). So just do Tuesdays for the 3 or 5 times they let you go free and see how you like it. I didn't like it. When it's crowded, people hold you up. When it's flu season, you catch stuff cause you don't have time to decontaminate before using the equipment (and I have to watch stuff due to my immune issues). If you have a treadmill, definitely seems great to use that and listen to inspiring tapes or music while you do. DVDs can help at home in the hot weather. If you have Netflix, scan all the free ones they have you can watch on your computer!!!

  3. I have the same problem when I'm at my mum's home, I jsut go crazy with food! I would definitely count mivung an entire house somewhere else as exercise! If you've got a treadmill maybe save your money for a little while and use the equipment you've got?