Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've been receiving a few comments on my posts in the past few days. Hurray! I want to thank everyone who has come by and left some words of encouragement because I really can use a lot of it. It is this kind of support that can help me keep steadfast to my plans and focus on doing well everyday. I wanted to comment on each comment, but haven't figured out how to do that yet, is there some setting I need to adjust? If anyone knows please let me know how in a comment or via email.

On the flip side, I know I should be leaving comments/support/encouragement on all your blogs as well, because we all should support each other. I can't only receive but not give anything back. I know I have been slacking on this, but believe me, I visit and read your blogs - that's to people who have already commented here, those that are on my blog list, and those that I follow. However, I have noticed that there are a few blogs where the comments are either disabled or there's something wrong because when I tried to comment I couldn't. Please check to see if you've enabled comments on your blog.

Other than the giddiness I get when I see '1 comment' or '2 comments', everything's going well. Still settling in at the new place. Loving the drive into work in the morning because it's so much easier, and I don't have to dread the knock off time traffic either!

With less stress, I can focus more on my healthiness journey!


  1. Yeah, getting comments is cool. :) Some days, it's a little bit of sunshine.

    Glad it's going well.

  2. I feel the same way...and it's always raining here so I'll take any sunshine I can

  3. I'm glad the comments are helping you :) You're right though, commenting back is a supportive thing to do. If someone's settings are off they won't expect them, but others rely on your support jsut as much as you rely on theirs.

    I don;t think there's a comment reply control anywhere, you just leave your answer as a new comment, or go to the blog of the person who commented and leave it there.

  4. Sometimes if you get the comment notice in your e-mail you can reply directly via e-mail ... but not always. That depends on how the other person has their account set up (like I BELIEVE that you can hit reply to the email notice that I've left you this and it would go straight to my gmail ... although I have no idea what setting it is that makes it so! LOL!).
    I do know what you mean about slacking on the comment leaving, though. I have SO many blogs in my list that I have a hard time finding the time for all of them ... but I really don't want to get rid of any of them just to make it easier on me! I've done that before only to then rebuild the list with new blogs :)
    Do what you can when you can ... we all have lives outside of the computer, after all!

  5. Yeah, I wanted to, was ready to, be impressed by the message and the clever reeversal of the old adage, but I'm 99% sure they just accidentally miswrote the saying rather than made a big statement...