Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Slimmin' Update and Weigh In

In my last post I said I was doing well, besides exercise. Turns out that was not true at all, I only thought I was doing well.
Obviously exercise is a write-off as I haven't done anything so far; as for food, looking back at my week, every single day there was at least one item with a star besides it. A star means that that something was extra, not in my usual food plan. So, despite tracking everything I eat and making an honest effort to eat food that I have prepared myself, I'm still 'sneaking' in extra stuff and hence am not/did not see the progress that I wanted.

Ok, Summer Slimmin' Update

Goal #1 - Cookin' Meals -  Good, almost every meal came out of my own kitchen, except the pistachio nuts and Tempo bar I sneaked yesterday. And I'm sure that was all out of boredom because I had an hour to kill out at the 'station' and found myself in a Choppies getting some supplies that we still needed only to emerge with those 2 extra items and proceeded to eat them in my car. Not too bad, but shouldn't happen the way it did. Oh, and then there was the 3 tiny chocolate chip cookies I had with a hot chocolate on Satuday it's bad.

Goal #2 - Eatin' 5+ a day - Almost win - weekends are challenging especially when I spend most of the day outside the house. Yesterday I went under, but every other day I was ok.

Goal #3 - Movin' it - FAIL. I really can't say more.

Goal#4 - Drinkin' Water - Week days - 110%. Weekends, not so much. I have to train myself to keep some water in my car for when I'm stuck outside for a while.

Goal #5 - Writin' it Down - Fairly good. Even when I have to record a 0.1 lb gain overnight or those damned chocolate chip cookies.

All in all it was a weak week for me, I can do better and I HAVE TO do better.

Weigh in
I mostly plateaued all this week, but saw a dip on Friday, only to bounce back over the weekend to record only 0.6 lbs loss. But it's a loss, so I'll take it. Total loss so far is exactly 11 lbs.
I have for the first time ever weighed in for for weeks in a row and the weight at the end of each week is lower than that of the previous week. I want to maintain that streak so I'm going to try to make the best choices at any given time.

The way forward now is to look back at the records from my 1st week and see what I was doing differently to now and apply that, that 6 pound loss was something! Simple as that. Other than that I'll continue to source all my meals from my house - cooked, except the stuff that you can't cook, track everything, drinking my water, eating my fruits and vegetables, and I will visit and make a standing appointment with my treadmill this week.

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