Thursday, June 10, 2010

Every little counts...

...either way!

You know how we know that we should make little changes here and there, and those little changes will add up and eventually will lead to weight loss? Cutting back on sugar, leaving the last 2 bites on the plate, choosing something fat-free or low fat over full fat? Also, parking just a bit further away from where you're going, taking a short walk when there's no time for a full work-out, etc. All those little habits add up, and eventually your body will thank you for them. Right?

Now, there's the reverse. On the Weigh-Less plan that I'm following, you have to weigh and measure your food and make sure to eat your whole 'formula' for the day. I weigh my food all the time. But I have realized a couple of 'little' habits that can add up pretty quickly. For example, I'm measuring out 175ml of yorgurt, I put exactly 175ml in the container, then there's that bit left on the spoon, what happens to it? I lick it off - how many mls was that? Or, I have to weigh out 100g of chicken breast, the portion I'm holding is 110g, and I go ...ah, what's an extra 10g? ...and on the plate it goes. Is there a trend there? Yes, a little bit more than I should be eating ends up on my plate or in my mouth one way or another every day! And what does that mean? - That I'm actually eating more than I should be. But then I'm surprised when I don't see significant changes on the scale!!

See, every little counts...excess or shortage. And in the end, the little bits will add up, positively or negatively.

I'm going to start being diligent about my measurements. 100g is 100g, not a gram more. 175ml is 175ml, and the spoon gets washed. No bits of cereal get in my mouth without being on the scale first! From now on as long as the plan dictates that I weigh my food I will weigh the exact measurements. 

Is is just me that has little habits sneaking in to sabotage my efforts? What have you been doing that's detrimetal to your other efforts?


  1. It's always those little bits that add up so fast...hate those bits...Grrrrrr

    Good job on putting your foot down :)

  2. Lots of little things do add up. I'm tempted to say don't stress about it too much, but if you weigh your food anyway it's not going to be harder to be careful, and I'd be interested to see if it has an effect.