Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Target weight

So I decided it's time I stopped trying on my own, because honestly, after so many years of trying and failing, attempting to try again would just have been insane. Because isn't insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

In terms of eating I chose to go with Weigh-Less. I like the structure and even though I think a 'live' group would have done me so much good, I know with the online group leader and having to check in and submit weigh ins and receiving different meal plans per 'step' I'll stay on plan and reach target weight some time.

Target weight
It's not a secret that I need to lose A LOT of weight. But when the online group leader sent me back the stats, and I saw what my Weigh-Less target weight is, it was almost a shock, and immediately my mind started racing with doubts like I can never weigh that little, how can I lose that much, etc. I basically have to lose almost as much as I weigh; that I already knew, but seeing it written was something else. Here are the stats:

Starting weight: 116kg or 255.8lbs
Goal weight: 60kg or 132lbs
Weight to lose: 56kg or 123lbs

Is that even attainable?? Yes, it is. So many people have lost so much more! So, yes, I can do this. What I want though is continue living a life as normal as possible through out this process. With Weigh-Less so far, I've had to prepare my own meals separate from the rest of my family, and to make extra effort to pack my meals to take to work, and be extra careful when eating out in social situations. The last two are actually how anyone should handle themselves if they are after a healthy life. As far as eating the same meals as the whole family I want to do the first few weeks first and then when my food lists are more liberal and I can make up my own recipes then we can see what to do about that.

I haven't set a time frame in which I plan to lose this weight. I don't want to make a marathon of it, I'll just follow the plan and incorporate work-outs and see how long it takes. As far as work-outs, I've decided to seek help in that department as well. I'm thinking of joining Curves, at least for a start until I feel confident enough to join a co-ed gym.

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  1. Hi Miss E, thanks for joining our challenge! Don't forget to post an outline of your specific goals for the challenge period before the start date (June 6th), look forward to reading more!